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    All-inclusive rates

    No hidden fees


    ​• Tax 

    • Tolls

    • Waiting time on delayed flights

    • No-cost flexible rescheduling

    • Child seats

    • Premium cold refreshments

    • Gratuity

    Free stop for groceries

    Insulated bags & baskets provided



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    Welcome to Tampa Bay, Florida!

    As soon as your flight arrives, we'll be there to extend a warm welcome, reaching out to you via call and text to let you know that we are awaiting your arrival.​


    Please follow the signs to your airline's luggage carousel on the ground transportation level, whether or not you have luggage, to meet your chauffeur.

    When you're ready for your ride, simply call or text us the word
    'Ready' to 813-543-6569


    Then make your way to the glass doors located near your airline's baggage carousel and step outside to ground-level transportation.

    Your dedicated chauffeur will arrive within 2-3 minutes from the designated Airport Cell Phone Waiting Lot once we receive your text.



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    FBOs & Ramp-Side Pick-Up Services

    Let our luxury car service greet you directly at your private aircraft's wing. 

    Step seamlessly from your flight to the comfort of your waiting vehicle.


    Schedule your ramp-side pick-up service with us today.
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    No-cost, flexible rescheduling due to flight delays or cancellations:

    We use multiple data sources to monitor our VIPs' flights to guarantee punctual limo service pickups for early arrivals, without added fees for delayed flights.

    Additionally, we offer no-cost flexible rescheduling of rides due to flight delays and cancellations.

    Simply call or text us your new flight details if your travel plans changed – it's done.

    If your flight is delayed, there is nothing for you to worry about– we are monitoring your flight and will adjust accordingly at no extra cost to you.




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    No-cost, automatic rescheduling for delayed flights:


    We understand that significant flight delays are beyond your control.


    We will monitor your flight and wait for your arrival for as long as necessary, at no extra cost to you.


    Rest assured that if your flight is delayed, we will adjust accordingly.




    Call or Text






    Your rides with us can be scheduled in advance or for immediate pickups.

    For an immediate service, please call us first to confirm availability.


    Rescheduling confirmed reservations:

    We are fully committed to providing you with the utmost flexibility in case of unexpected changes to your travel plans.


    If you require any modifications to your pick-up date, time, or additional stops after we have confirmed your reservation, we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.


    We kindly request that you try to reach out to us as soon as you are able, before your scheduled ride, to allows us sufficient time to efficiently accommodate your requests.

    Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we strive to deliver a seamless luxury transportation experience.

    Rest assured, we will do all it takes to ensure that we meet your requirements.




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  • We are happy to go the extra mile to make your travel experience with us exceptional!

    If you may need to make additional stops, or extra time, please try to let us know at the time of reservation to help us schedule your vehicle efficiently.

    We understand that plans can change during your ride, and we are more than happy to accommodate any modifications to your route or additional stops.


    Please inform your chauffeur of any additional stops during your ride.

    Most short-time and short-distance stops are free of charge.

    We are always ready to assist you in any way possible.

    For your convenience, we provide 15-minute rest stops free of charge during your ride.

    Additionally, when you book with us for rides to vacation destinations, we include a complimentary grocery stop, adding convenience to your travel experience.

    Our vehicles are equipped with insulated grocery bags and collapsible baskets.

    Our professional chauffeurs will happily assist you in carrying your provisions right to your doorstep.

    Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we are dedicated to delivering an exceptional transportation experience.



    Call or Text

  • Custom VIP-ride-status updates by text to multiple recipients, as required.




    Call or Text



    • All aboard – en route
    • Stopped at Publix
    • Arrived at the destination

    PICKUP NOTIFICATIONS (1-2 Hrs in advance)

    Your vehicle is en route to you.
    ETA: 15 mins pre-scheduled pickup.


    Welcome to Tampa Bay! 
    Text us back 'READY', when you have your luggage.

    Ride-status notifications

    Tampa limo, Sedan, SUV, Sprinter Van




    We genuinely care about the safety and comfort of all our passengers, especially when it comes to traveling with children.

    We are committed to providing safe and comfortable rides for families.

    For this reason, we offer booster seats and child car seats upon request at the time of reservation at no extra cost.

    Please note that, in accordance with Florida law, children aged 5 and under must be securely fastened in a crash-tested, federally approved child restraint device.

    • Children aged 0 to 3 must be seated in child restraint devices that include a separate carrier or a vehicle manufacturer's integrated child seat.

    • Children aged 4 to 5 must be seated in either a separate carrier, integrated child seat, or booster seat as required by law.

    We strictly adhere to the airports' policy of active loading/unloading and always arrive with our federally approved child seats pre-installed before any airport pick-ups to ensure safety and efficiency.

    We want you to feel confident about the quality of our service.

    Rest assured, our child seats are always in pristine condition.

    To ensure that we can provide the best service possible, we kindly ask you to make arrangements for child or booster car seats in advance or have your own.

    Unfortunately, if we are not informed in advance or if a car seat is not provided at the time of pickup for a child under the age of 5, we must deny the ride.


    We truly value your understanding and cooperation in this matter, as safety is our top priority.

    By setting these clear guidelines, we aim to prioritize the well-being of our passengers while offering our convenient and safe transportation service.

    Let's work together to create a secure and pleasant travel experience for everyone on board.



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    Lots of luggage? We are your ride!

    We are here to provide you with a comfortable and stress-free travel experience.

    At Tampa Bay Limousine, we offer the latest models of roomy SUVs and spacious, high-roof 15-passenger vans with extended luggage capacity. 

    (Your chauffeur is the 15th)

      💡 Some of our frequent cargo:

    • Golf gear

    • Skis

    • Snowboards

    • Strollers

    • Child seats

    • Stage equipment

    • Production equipment

    • Pet carriers

    • Lots of luggage 🙃

    Our professional chauffeurs will handle your luggage with the utmost care.

    Let us help you finalize your reservation for a smooth and worry-free ride.



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